Choose the right shutters for your home

Whether you have modern windows or traditional ones, our choice of shutter styles means we can configure them to replicate the design of almost any window, taste or budget.

This window solution is almost like a customised piece of furniture.

With 5 different wood types in a choice of styles including full height, cafe style, tier on tier, tracked, shaped and solid panels, there is always a solution for your window design.

Our ranges include

  • Classic – The most popular range at an affordable price. Both the louvres and the frames are MDF. Available in our most popular colour choices.

  • Cleveland – Made with MDF frames and ABS louvres for a tough and durable shutter. A wide range of colour choices.

  • Marchwood – A real wood shutter combining hardwood panels and MDF frames. A wide range of colour choices available.

  • Vienna- Super hard wearing, impervious to heat and water, perfect for bathrooms and humid environments.

  • Kingston- Made from premium hardwood. This range comes in a choice of 47 stains and colours.

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